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In “The Misplaced Interview,” Steve Jobs provides perception into the motivations of the elite who search to hack into our our bodies and steal our minds.

“Should you set a vector off into house, and you modify its course just a bit bit initially, the distinction is dramatic when it will get a number of miles out in house. If we will nudge it in the proper course, will probably be a a lot better factor.”

Interviewer Robert X. Cringley then asks a deeply probing query: “How are you aware the proper course?”

Jobs replies: “Picasso had a saying: ‘Good artists’ copy. Nice artists steal.’ We now have at all times been shameless about stealing nice concepts.”

There are numerous artists Jobs might have chosen to cite. He might have quoted René Magritte: “Artwork evokes the thriller with out which the world wouldn’t exist.”

However viewing the world as a fabulous thriller wouldn’t have introduced Jobs or any of his fellow billionaires the wealth and energy they craved.

These elite firmly consider they’re so sensible, so smart, so all-important that they’ve the proper—certainly the duty for the great of the planet—to take advantage of all the things and everybody, proper all the way down to the final pound of flesh and even our most non-public ideas.

The issue is, the elite nonetheless die—as Steve Jobs so painfully reminded them. No quantity of riches or energy can save any of us from the reaper’s name. Or possibly it will probably. That’s why billionaire Jeff Bezos has invested in anti-aging start-ups like Altos Labs, wooing scientists with million-dollar salaries to pursue analysis on how cells age and easy methods to reverse that course of.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is intent on drilling holes into our skulls to implant microchips, melding us with AI. If it should assist a blind man see, that’s miraculous. If it should manipulate our minds, that’s nightmarish.

What occurred to the thriller? What occurred to the soul? Gone. The whole lot have to be lowered to knowable matter.

Scientists inform us that the universe is made up of regular matter, darkish power, and darkish matter. Regular matter is the atoms that make up all cosmic objects within the universe, but it accounts for the smallest proportion of the cosmos. They are saying that 70 p.c of the universe is made up of darkish power, but darkish power has by no means been noticed or measured. The remainder has been labeled darkish matter, or the lacking mass that holds all matter, galaxies, and stars in place via its gravitational drive.

What does all of this truly imply? The thriller stays, at the same time as some arrogantly declare they’re figuring it out.

The European Group for Nuclear Analysis (CERN) in Switzerland is dedicated to discovering the solutions to those most elementary questions. It was right here in 1990 that Tim Berners-Lee, engaged on a NeXT laptop created by Steve Jobs, accomplished the earliest model of what he known as World Large Net, the precursor to what now we have as we speak.

At CERN, they might assist to unravel essentially the most fundamental query that plagues us: What’s the universe made from? What’s life?

To be able to do that, a machine known as a Massive Hadron Collider was constructed to seek for a subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson or the “God Particle.”

In layman’s phrases:

Completely different subatomic particles are chargeable for giving matter completely different properties. Probably the most mysterious and vital properties is mass. Some particles, like protons and neutrons, have mass. Others, like photons, don’t. The Higgs boson, or ‘God particle,’ is believed to be the particle which provides mass to matter.

In 2013, scientists claimed to have discovered a God particle.

“We’re reaching into the material of the universe at a stage now we have by no means performed earlier than,” stated CERN spokesman Joe Incandela. “Possibly we see nothing extraordinary . . . Or possibly we open up a complete new realm of discovery.”

Contemplating this discovery was alleged to reply these fundamental questions, it nonetheless seems like a thriller to me.

Why is it so vital that we be lowered all the way down to matter?

As a result of if human life isn’t any completely different from, say, the lives of monkeys (a creature scientists, by the way, like to experiment on), then Dr. Yuval Harari, an advisor to the World Financial Discussion board, can get away with saying issues like “we’re hackable animals.

COVID-19 created the proper excuse for the elite to implant this concept of being hacked into our minds. The populace, terrorized by ever rising waves of menticide within the type of plagues, local weather change, famine, and battle, is being conditioned to associate with being hacked, sacrificing themselves and their kids within the thousands and thousands for an experimental “vaccine.”

In an interview for the Epoch Instances’ program, “Cross Roads,” Gary Miliefsky, a founding official of the Division of Homeland Safety and writer of Cyber Protection Journal, defined how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use gene modification and the way the modified genes can probably be owned.

In accordance with Miliefsky, in case you are injected with mRNA, that newly fashioned DNA might make you patent eligible. That is being denied as “disinformation” however even in mainstream media you’ll find articles resembling this one headlined: “Sure, some COVID vaccines use genetic engineering. Recover from it.”

The door to possession of our genes was opened again in June 2013, when:

The Supreme Court docket revealed their ruling in an vital lawsuit case, unanimously discovering that . . . cDNA, or artificial DNA molecules that include solely the exons of a gene, do contain an ingenious step, and thus stay patent eligible.

If a gene is altered inside your physique, then that gene could be owned by somebody outdoors of you—somebody like Invoice Gates, who, together with a number of others, invested $120 million into CRISPR gene modifying in 2011—the implications of that needs to be thought of.

What would Steve Jobs have considered Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark’s prediction ultimately month’s WEF Davos gathering that cell telephones will quickly be “constructed straight into our our bodies.”

He would have beloved it. You could be certain Apple can be on the forefront of this hackable know-how. The last word steal.

Harari warns us that “science is altering evolution by pure choice for evolution by clever design. Not the clever design of some God above the clouds. However our clever design.”

Who does he imply by “our clever design?” Not yours or mine. He means, after all, the elites’.

On this courageous New World Order, we have to be keen to surrender our free will, even our most secret ideas, for the sake of the utopia they want to create. It will likely be a utopia not for the expendable plenty however for themselves.

Dr. Simon McCarthy-Jones, affiliate professor in scientific psychology and neuropsychology at Trinity Faculty Dublin, writes:

[AI] will know us higher than we all know ourselves. A authorities armed with AI might declare to know what its folks actually need and what’s going to actually make them glad.

Think about our present authorities (or any authorities) having that form of energy.

In The Artwork of Warfare, Solar Tzu advises:

If you already know the enemy and know your self, you needn’t concern the results of 100 battles. If you already know your self however not the enemy, for each victory gained additionally, you will undergo a defeat. If you already know neither the enemy nor your self, you’ll succumb in each battle.

We should perceive what we’re up towards: An immoral, grasping and egocentric elite who promise to maintain us protected and wholesome as they steal away our our bodies, minds, and souls.

We should always remember who we’re: Human beings “fearfully and splendidly made” by clever design and no quantity of hacking can enhance on that.

Know your enemy and your self.


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